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Am I the only one who feels a little bit of anxiety when traveling with my children? You get into a groove at home and things are going smooth. Naps are on track and night sleep is going well. . . all is right in the world. BUT life would be boring if you stayed home all the time right? Products have been made to help ensure sleep doesn’t go out the window when you go on holidays.

Regardless of where you are, sleep environment and sleep routines are essential. The slumber pod would be the perfect product to use when away from home because it creates a dark sleep space wherever your little one sleeps. The slumber pod (PROMO CODE: PASH10) is like a tent that goes above and around the pack and play. Your slumber pod easily folds and pops up so you can create an ideal sleep environment wherever you go!

The slumber pod can be used with older children as well because it can be set up on top of the bed. No need to worry about packing garbage bags to blackout the windows. The slumber pod creates a nice dark sleep space for your infant. All you need to add is a portable white noise machine and you are good to go! To purchase your own slumber pod  Use promo code PASH10 for 10% off your purchase.

Travelling with little ones can be stressful but this product helps ensure your little one can have quality naps and night sleep. Stay calm and travel on knowing your baby will still sleep when you are away from home.